Calico Jack's Jungle Canopy & Zip Lining

Calico Jack's Belize Jungle Canopy and Zip Lining

Jungle Canopy - Platform 1
Begin your zip line adventure at Platform 1

Flying through the jungle canopy
Fly through the jungle canopy using
our Brakehawk zip line system

Walk over the hammock bridge
Walk over the hammock bridge

Ascend in the jungle lift
Ascend in the jungle lift

Enjoy an exhilarating reurn to Home Base
Enjoy an exhilarating reurn to Home Base

Relax after your adventure, poolside
Relax after your adventure, poolside

Zip lining is an exhilarating experience with spectacular views and a perspective you won’t get anywhere else in Belize.

Calico Jack’s is acknowledged as a safe zip line, double cabled, and built to exceed conventional standards. We use top of the line equipment including zip line brakes called Brakehawk, designed by Darby Adventure Systems to accommodate Calico Jack’s double cable line system. This innovative system, considered one of the best braking systems available, allows our guests to safely maneuver faster speeds over and through the jungle canopy.

You will have fun and excitement with peace of mind for your safety. In this regard, please read our Trip Advisor reviews from our guests.

We offer five zip line tours. We take reservations which helps to minimize waiting time as we do host groups. To book, we ask you to complete a form and also for a US$10 deposit per person with the balance due when you visit us. If you do make a reservation you can avoid material waiting time which can be as much as 2 hours.

We do accept “walk ins” though highly recommend that you give us a call if you are coming to zip line with us as we are closed to the public when we host private bookings such as student groups, corporate team building sessions, weddings and family reunions.

Our pricing for our zip line tours ranges from US$40 to US$88 per person including 12.5% general sales tax.

If you book through your resort the prices may be different as they are bundled with other services including transfers, guide and lunch.

We are a full service resort. After your adventure enjoy a cold beer and/or delicious lunch poolside or in our lovely restaurant and bar area. We offer guests that zip line with us the use of our pool on a complimentary basis.

Our longest aerial canopy zip lining tour—Ultimo Explorer— is more than 2,900 feet. Each of our tours offers you a return to the main platform on a 500 ft run and via our jungle lift platform.

Details on Individual Zip line Tours

Explorer: This tour offers 1,135 feet of cable and takes 45 minutes from start to finish. Via 4 runs and 7 platforms you explore the jungle canopy overhead and end this tour via the exciting jungle lift run.

Intermedio: This tour offers a challenging and lengthy line comprised of three 500 foot runs. It provides 2,745 feet in 7 runs and 12 platforms and includes hiking and crossing to hammock bridges.

Ultimo Explorer: This 1.5 hour tour is for zip line enthusiasts. It combines the Explorer and Intermedio in over 2,900 feet of zip line comprised of 9 runs and 15 platforms that take you over and through the jungle.

Night Explorer: Experience the jungle at night via our Explorer zip line tour. By Reservation Only.

Optional Caving Tours

Each of our zip line tours offers you the option to visit one of our caves for a spelunking adventure at Bega One and/or Box-Tunich Cave.

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