Fishing in Southern Belize

Fishing Vacations in Southern Belize

Calico Jack's Guests with Catch of the Day

Calico Jack's Guest showing off his catch

Throughout the year, Southern Belize has an abundance of fish, however, June through October are the best months for fishing in Belize. An added bonus is there are not a lot of anglers – just lots of fish.

Around the cayes and open water, expect Tarpon, Bonefish, Wahoo, Snapper (yellowtail, mutton, cubera) Black-fin & Yellow-fin tuna, King Mackerel, a large assortment of Jacks, and, as always, plenty of Barracuda.

With summer fishing in Belize you also have the chance to see the whale sharks, which are attracted by the large schools of tuna. You can also find Permit on the flats and great Tarpon in the mangroves. In October the snook start appearing in the Placencia Lagoon and especially in the Monkey River area. Belize is an angler’s paradise!

You and your professional, licensed guide will plan your day of fishing the night before with the wind, weather, tides, & moon, along with your guide’s vast experience & knowledge of the waters of Belize and what you want to catch, as your guideline. You will have 5 full days of fishing -- times of departure and return are flexible and dependent on the plans made by you and your guide.

We have two lakes on our property, and while it can't compare with the experience of fishing in the Monkey River area or in our waterways, some of our guests have done quite well (see the pictures to the right).

Fishing can be combined with any of the water tours we offer. If you want to incorporate snorkeling into your fishing day or perhaps a Monkey River Tour to see the howler monkeys, just talk with your guide.

General Species of Fish in Belize

  • Barracuda fishing (Year Round)
  • Black snapper fishing (Year Round)
  • Blackfin tuna fishing
  • Bonefish fishing (Best months are April through October)
  • Bonito fishing
  • Cubera fishing
  • Dolphinfish fishing
  • Grouper fishing
  • Jack fishing
  • Jackfish fishing
  • King Mackerel fishing (Best months are April, May, June)
  • Kingfish fishing
  • Mahi-mahi fishing
  • Marlin fishing (Year Round)
  • Permit fishing
  • Pompano fishing
  • Sailfish fishing (Best season is Spring)
  • Shark fishing
  • Snook fishing
  • Tarpon fishing
  • Triggerfish fishing
  • Wahoo fishing (Best during Winter)
  • Yellowfin tuna fishing

Types of Fishing in Belize

  • River Fishing
  • Flats Fishing
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Reef Fishing

Monthly Guide to Fishing in Belize

January - On calm days, you can see 50-70 tarpon in 20-90 pound range. Generally, bonefish and tarpon fishing are good. Reef fishing is good to excellent.

February - Fish are plentiful on the flats if the wind isn't too strong. Tarpon can be found in the 20-90 pound range. Bonefish and tarpon fishing are good, but dependent on the weather. Reef fishing is excellent.

March - Plenty of 20-90 pound tarpon on the calmer days. You can also find plenty of bonefish. Reef fishing is good to excellent.

April - Lots of tarpon, 40-100 pounds, and they are more aggressive. Migrating tarpon start coming onto the reef. Is a good month for permit, with large schools of smaller permit and plenty of bonefish. Reef fishing is excellent.

May - Generally our hottest month, with calm to light breezes. It's not uncommon to see huge schools of 200-300 bonefish. Tarpon can be found on both flats and the reef. Reef fishing is good to excellent.

June - Bone fishing is excellent from April through October. Tarpon on both the flats and the reef. Reef fishing is good to excellent.

July and August - The weather is usually calm and warm with great fishing. Lots of bones and tarpon to well over 100 pounds. These are the best tarpon fishing months of the year. Reef fishing is good to excellent.

September - Lots of big fish. A 165 pound tarpon was caught during this month. Reef fishing is good.

October - Lots of tarpon, and they are large and aggressive. Bonefish are larger and more aggressive, too. Big schools of jack crevelle are also on the flats now, and it is a good month for the larger permit. Reef fishing is fair to good.

November - There are plenty of 60-100 pound tarpon on the flats. Jack crevelle and bonefish are also good. Reef fishing is good to excellent.

December - If the sun stays out, there are plenty of barracuda, bones, and 40-80 pound tarpon on the flats. There are also Jacks and ladyfish, too. Full moon brings grouper and snappers to the reef to spawn. Reef fishing is good to excellent.