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Snorkeling In Belize

In recent years visitors to Belize have rated the "marine attractions" as the primary reason for coming to Belize. With an unrivalled barrier reef in this hemisphere the marine attractions are as varied as the natural formations that make up this 176 ml. coastal treasure. Divers and snorkelers can experience the barrier reef, coral atolls, fringing reef, patch reefs and faroe, each offering differing underwater coral formations and a variety of flora, fish and marine creatures.

Belize snorkeling options from the Placencia area include snorkeling inside the reef and outside the reef. Most of the snorkeling inside the reef is done from the beaches of small cayes. Licensed guides will take you to fabulous locations to see Belize’s marine life. Inside the reef, you can see the smaller and more delicate tunicates, anemones and sponges that survive in the clear, calm waters . There are over 460 species of fish that inhabit the coral reefs. There are many species of coral of both the soft and hard type.

Much of Belize's marine system, from north to south, is protected with many falling under the category of World Heritage Sites. This means that these areas and their inhabitants cannot be destroyed or harmed in any way. Care must be taken when on dives not to touch corals or increase sedimentation onto them.

Note that Calico Jack’s works only with licensed tour operators. You can no doubt negotiate a cheaper snorkeling or diving expedition with an unlicensed or small operator in Placencia. However, you assume a much greater risk for your safety. Price of snorkeling tours depends on the snorkeling location and size of the boat used.

Belize Tour - Snorkeling the Belize Great Barrier Reef
Belize Snorkeling Vacation Packages

Major Snorkeling Locations in The Placencia area

Southern Barrier Reef

  • Gladden Spit
  • Goff's Caye
  • Laughing Bird Caye
  • Queen Caye
  • Sapodilla Cayes
  • Silk Cayes
  • South Water Caye Cut
  • Tobacco Caye

Other Major Snorkeling Locations

Ambergris Caye

  • Hol Chan Cut (marine reserve)
  • Shark Ray Alley
  • Mata Rocks Cut
  • Mexico Rocks

Glover's Reef (atoll)

  • Dolphin Dance
  • Emberal Forest Reef
  • Gorgonia Gallery
  • Hole in the Wall
  • Long Caye Wall
  • Manta Reef
  • Octopus Alley
  • Parrotfish Falls
  • Shark Point
  • Swash Reef
  • Turtle Tavern

Turneffe Islands (atolls)

  • Blue Creek
  • Hollywood

Lighthouse Reef (atoll)

  • Blue Hole
  • Half Moon Caye Flats
  • San Bore Caye