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Calico Jack's Village - About Us

Calico Jack’s Village (CJV) is a Belizean project committed to sustainable tourism and community development, and in particular, the development and empowerment of the village of El Progresso/7 Mile, Cayo, Belize. Calico Jack’s commenced as a project in early 2000 led by financier Dr. Ydahlia Metzgen) (“Dr. Ydahlia”) and builder Mr. Chester Williams (Mr. Chet).

Calico Jacks Jungle Villas 2013
Calico Jack's Jungle Villas

Original Calico Jack's Village
Original Calico Jack's Village, North Maya
Beach, Stann Creek, Belize 2007

Mr. Chet, Dr. Ydahlia and Scott
Mr. Chet, Dr. Ydahlia and Scott

El Progresso Kids and visiting students
El Progresso Kids and Visiting Students

El Progresso Field Station
El Progresso Field Station

Calico Jack's Pool
Unwind at Calico Jack's Pool

After more than 30 years of international public service and public works, respectively, Dr. Ydahlia and Mr. Chet decided to apply Dr. Ydahlia’s financing and knowledge of economic development with Mr. Chet’s in-depth expertise of building and public works to this project aimed at sustainable development in Belize. Dr. Ydahlia and Mr. Chet are educators and developers, interested in sustainable economic development. Calico Jack’s offers guests an authentic Belizean experience on an environmentally conscious property.

The project’s initial location for the first 8 years was on North Maya Beach on the Placencia Penninsula. In 2008, the project moved to Cayo District from North Maya beach in closer proximity to Dr. Ydahlia’s family and starting a new project phase and shift in orientation. (Read article about the original Calico Jack's.)

The Move to El Progresso in Cayo District

Calico Jack’s new location offers accessibility to the traditional life style of the small farming villages in the area, including the idyllic village of El Progresso (7 Miles) with links to the ancient Maya, indigenous to Belize, Creoles, as well as most recently refugees from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

CJV, El Progresso, is best known for its first-class personalized, exhilarating and safe zip line tours available to both daytime explorers and overnight guests.

CJV also offers accommodations. In this regard, CJV’s location in the Mountain Pine Ridge region of central Belize provides privacy and intimacy and the sights, sounds, and sensations of a tropical rainforest for overnight guests. CJV’s spacious 2 -3 bedroom/2 bathroom villas with kitchenettes provide comfortable and stylish lodging.

Calico Jack’s elegant poolside-restaurant offers excellent cuisine including Belizean and vegetarian specialties to local and foreign guests alike.

CJV via El Progresso Field Station also offers accommodations and meal packages for church, medical, student, research or family groups for up to 25 guests.

Calico Jack’s operations facilitate the financing of training and philanthropic activities for the village of El Progresso.

Dr. Ydahlia, Mr. Chet, and the caretaker management and staff at Calico Jack's Village are devoted to your comfort, safety, and pleasure, from the adventures you wish to pursue to the food you eat. Even before you arrive, we will know your comfort and travel needs.

Expect our help in mapping out adventures to nearby jungle and reef, and arranging your travel by plane, or vehicle. Expect unpaved roads through Belizean local villages, tropical vegetation and wildlife, and opportunities to exchange stories with fellow adventurers and local residents.


Calico Jack's Village resort is licensed by the Belize Tourism Board and is a member of Belize Chamber of Commerce, the Belize Hotel Association and the Belize Tourism Industry Association.