Accommodations: El Progresso Field Station

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El Progresso Field Station

El Progresso Field Station
El Progresso Field Station

El Progresso Guests
Toucan Education Program Students
from China Visit Local Farm

El Progresso Guests
Students from Loras University, Iowa

El Progresso Guests
Community and GPSA Visitors Play
Football at EPFS

El Progresso Guests
GPSA Hathaway Brown High School Students
from Shaker Heights, Ohio

El Progresso Guests
Students from Quest University
BC, Canada

"Field stations are places where we can read the book of life in the language in which it was written." — James Kirchner, U.C. Berkeley.

Calico Jack’s introduces El Progresso Field Stationwhich formally opened in January 2016. El Progresso Field Station (EPFS) provides a living library and outdoor laboratory for students, teachers, researchers, and the general public interested in community development, agricultural communities, the environment, sustainable development, and the empowerment of poor communities through the provision of education and skills training.

Our commitment via EPFS is to help address the needs of the community of El Progresso/7 Mile, Cayo and more broadly societal needs today in and in the future in Belize. In this regard, EPFS works closely with the El Progresso Community Primary School and the local governing village council. EPFS has also facilitated the awarding of full scholarships for village children needing financial support to attend high school. EPFS has hosted student, teacher and church groups from the US, Canada and China and looks forward to hosting your group.

Students from the class of 2016
Elio Lara (Valedevictorian) and Baneza Godoy (Salutatorian) of the class of 2016 at El Progresso Community Primary School, facilitated by EPFS, are awarded 4-year scholarships to St. Ignacius High School by Belize Bank Ltd.

For over a century, field stations have been important entryways for conservation, education, public outreach and cultural exchange. In this regard, it is our mission at EPFS to provide the opportunity to provide physical space for immersive cultural exchange, hands-on learning and new collaborations that are otherwise challenging to achieve in the more traditional research and teaching settings on campuses and in formal institutional settings.

The intellectual and natural capital of today's field stations potentially present a solid platform to help meet the challenges of the complex problems facing local, regional and global communities. (See Enhancing the Value and Sustainability of Field Stations and Marine Laboratories in the 21st Century for a summary of the value of field stations to science, education, and outreach and for an evaluation of their contributions to research, innovation and education.)

EPFS offers group rates for accommodations and meals for students, teachers, researchers and outreach ministries. The minimum group size is 8 and the maximum 20 guests. Accommodations are provided in EPFS and rates depend on the size of the group, length of stay, occupancy per room and number of meals provided. Occupancy is up to 4 guests per room. Please contact us for information and for group rates.

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