Calico Jack’s “Relax and Renew” Activities

And the rainforest is a natural environment for rejuvenating and re-tuning mind and body. The activities below offer you the opportunity to “de-stress” and renew.

Face Yoga: Want relax and enhance your already lovely face? This 20-minute guided session is a blend of yoga facial and body poses that will help you to improve your appearance and build up your overall sense of well-being. Price: US$30.00

EFT Tapping: Tapping anyone? Tapping is an extremely successful self-help for reducing stress and healing. It works by calming the amygdala the section of the brain that is called “the emotional center” responsible for emotions such as anger, fear, sadness as well as the controlling of aggression. This session is 15 minutes and focuses on reducing stress. Price: US$15.00

Primordial Sound Meditation Instruction: Looking to Reduce Stress? Feel Better Physically, Meet Challenges Calmly? Then learn to Meditate with our on-site Certified Meditation Instructor. Price: US$200.00

Yoga: Looking for guidance in gentle yoga asanas that provide flexibility and release from stress? Then join us in a guided yoga session with a certified instructor. Price: US$35.00