Dr. Ydahlia

Dr. Ydahlia Metzgen, the principal owner of Calico Jack’s, is committed to empowering individuals to realize their potential. Dr. Ydahlia’s goals with respect to human and economic development have been inspired by her birth into poverty and the example of her teacher of 33 years Mata AmritanandaMayi.
Dr. Ydahlia graduated with a B.A. and an M.A. in economics (with Distinction) from McGill University, Canada, and with an MPA and Ph.D. (with Distinction) in Economics and Public Policy from Princeton University. During the course of 40 years, she has also specialized in transformational-related modalities.
Dr. Ydahlia’s work in economic policy—in more than 25 countries— including as a senior-level official at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for more than 20 years has driven her commitment to human and economic development. In addition, Dr. Ydahlia’s expertise in finance including managing the IMF’s US$20 billion investment portfolio and the foreign exchange portfolios of other large financial institutions ignited her focus on the role of finance in development.
Most recently, Dr. Ydahlia served for 5 years as an EconomicsProfessorat Galen University and as a Director on the Boards of Belize’s Protected Area Conservation Trust and Galen University. She currently serves on the Boards of Belize Bank Ltd., Belize Bank International Ltd., and Caribbean Investment Holding Company.
Dr. Metzgen has published numerous research papers on Belize’s economy including an assessment of the contribution of Belize’s private sector to the economy, an examination of the evolution of Belize’s economy since independence (commissioned by the Central Bank of Belize), UN-financed studies on water resource management and assessing the impact of the withdrawal of correspondent banks from Belize and other Caribbean countries.
Dr. Ydahlia returned home to empower Belizeans to take responsibility for their lives through opportunities for education, training, and self-awareness. In this regard, Dr. Ydahlia’s vision is to have this project serve as a model of mindful development enhancing the life of Belizeans and visitors, alike. Dr. Ydahlia teaches the team tourism sector related-skills and personal development tools. CJV also facilitates advanced education scholarships for village students and donated an acre of land to the village for a Pre-Primary School. CJV offers a sustainable economic and community development program during the summer for university students and summer camp for local students.