Calico Jack’s Zip Line Safety Procedures

Safety is the number one priority at Calico Jack’s. First, at Calico Jack’s our aerial canopy tour has two cables for additional safety. This allows our guests to have an enjoyable care-free aerial tour. Second, our zip line is independently inspected by experts from the United States in line with Association of Challenge Course Technology ( ACCT) standards.

In addition, we use a special braking system called Brakehawk ( Although there is no weight limit on the zip line, there is a 240 lb limit on the Brakehawk. For those over 240 lbs we use the traditional breaking method—a padded glove.

There is also no age limit on our zip line. To date the youngest guest has been 2 years old and the oldest 89 years old. We tether young children, and also if requested, adults to a guide for additional safety.

At Calico Jack’s we inspect our equipment, cables and platforms daily. In addition, our guides have been expertly trained and are certified. All guides are trained by Original Canopy Tour (OCT) standards. This assures all tours will be conducted in a professional and safe manner. One guide will always be sending each guest and one guide will be receiving each guest on each platform. All guests and guides are connected on a safety line on each platform.

In case health issues arise, be reassured by the fact that all Calico Jack’s guides and staff are trained and certified in first aid, CPR, and rescue.

Your guides will be responsible for all connecting and disconnecting of your equipment to the zip line cables. In comparison, braking, speed, and momentum on the zip line is controlled by each individual guest.

Calico Jack’s uses high quality equipment, including seat harnesses, carabiners, pulleys, and chest harnesses for larger people. In this regard, all of Calico Jack’s zip line equipment is guaranteed by its manufacturers as safe. This equipment is inspected daily before any tour is conducted. There is also a monthly inspection process that is carried out for further security on the equipment.

On the equipment, please note the following:

At Calico Jack’s, we feature the best—best made and most comfortable–zip line “seat” harnesses. A zip line seat harness supports 80% of the human body and the remaining 20% is supported by the zip line cable. Each harness can support 4000 lbs.

A large person (one weighing over 250 lbs) requires a chest harness. At weights 250 lbs and above, a person can not control their speed and momentum as easily. This may result in the person flipping over if they are wearing a sit harness. Flipping over is avoided by wearing a chest harness.

Each carabiner can support over 10,000 lbs.

Each strap or webbing can support 1000 lbs.

Each pulley can support 14,000 lbs.

We use Zip Line Brakes from Brakehawk, designed by Darby Adventure Systems to accommodate Calico Jack’s double cable line system. This innovative system, considered one of the best braking systems available, allows our guests to safely maneuver faster speeds on the zip line tours.

All gloves used for braking have additional padding to control braking.