Why CALICO JACK’S, Cayo, Belize ?

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Not just a place to visit…
An Oasis of Nature,
Adventure, and Renewal.

Calico Jack’s welcomes you to make our private jungle and mountain resort—your base for your exploration of Central Belize and Belize’s Green-Hole. Would you like to experience a genuine rainforest—home to the toucan, pheasant cuckoo and howler monkey, ocelot and jaguar yet enjoy modern amenities and highly praised cuisine?Visit Calico Jack’s!

Would you like to zip line, or cable walk, swing the jungle with expert guides in attendance, hike to caves used by the Maya and enjoy a sunset safari,  a natural creek and swimming hole— all onsite? Visit Calico Jack’s!

Would you like to relax, refresh and renew far from the crowds and yet have access to the spectacular Mayan sites of Caracol and Xunantunich and the bustling twin-towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena? Visit Calico Jack’s!

On-Site and Local Experiences



Calico Jack’s offers other guided tours in the Mountain Pine Ridge area including Barton Creek Cave, Caracol and Rio Frio Cave, Green Hills Butterfly Ranch and horseback riding with neighboring Mountain Equestrian Trails Resort.

Calico Jack’s Village offers you all the delights of a tropical paradise with the comforts of home. It’s the perfect place for your next adventure and vacation.

The owners, management and staff at Calico Jack’s are devoted to your comfort, safety and enjoyment, from the adventures you wish to pursue to the food you eat. Rediscover fun and adventure you are unlikely to forget. As recent guests attested to on Trip Advisor “If you want a Belize jungle experience with style and adventure, this is a great place to go!”

Zip lining is an exhilarating experience with spectacular views and a perspective you won’t get anywhere else in Belize.

Our pricing for our zip line tours ranges from US$40 to US$88 per person including 12.5% general sales tax.

El Columpio: Experience Belize’s only jungle swing. Feel alive and unfettered as you ascend a replica of a Mayan pyramid and are launched from its 50 feet apex to sight see the jungle from different aerial views.

*The levels associated with our jungle trails are indicative of the degree of challenge that each trail offers on a scale of 1 to 5. A rating of 5 indicates the most challenging trail while a rating of 1 connotes a normal trail that both young and the elderly can appreciate. The degree of challenge is a subjective assessment based on the type of terrain, the steepness range and total elevation gain during the hike. For additional information, read Calico Jack’s Levels for Rating Hiking Trails.



Rates are in US dollars and are subject to Government of Belize hotel tax (currently 9%) and do not include gratuity


Our jungle villas have kitchenettes, 2 or 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and can accommodate couples and families. Amenities as options include air conditioning and cable television.


Our one bedroom/one bathroom Jungle Loft units can accommodate up to 3 guests in single, full or queen beds. The units provide the option of air conditioning.


Calico Jack’s introduces El Progresso Field Station which formally opened in January 2016. El Progresso Field Station (EPFS) provides a living library and outdoor laboratory for students, teachers...

To book Calico Jack’s Village tours, packages, or accommodations, Contact Us or make your reservations online.

Delights Of A Tropical Paradise