Who Comes To Calico Jack’s Village in Belize

Our guests describe themselves as travelers rather than tourists. They come to Calico Jack’s Resort and to vacation in Belize because they relish adventures that are “off-the-beaten track.”

They come with a sense of eagerness to learn about new people, cultures, and natural habitats. Many guests come to engage with our village community of El Progresso including university and church groups interested in community immersion and sustainable development.

In general, our guests describe themselves as:

Adventurers, nature-lovers and eco-tourists—the young and fit.

Hikers looking for new trails.

Guests well over 50—who want to behold the wildlife and native vegetation of a truly pristine tropical environment and who also want to explore canyons and creeks and meet plants used by the ancient Maya, and animals unknown and familiar, in a safe and structured environment.

Students and teachers interested in community and sustainable development, who wish to contribute to the local school children and broader community.

Church groups committed to cultural exchange and empowering rural and poor communities.

People living hectic daily lives who need a quiet getaway.

People seeking a spiritual retreat: Our commitment is to create a place of well being for you.