Personalized Services and Amenities at Calico Jack’s

The caretakers at Calico Jack’s Village are devoted to your comfort, safety, and pleasure, from the food you eat to the adventures you wish to pursue. We will provide the service needed to make your time with us exceptional and comfortable, yet preserving the Belizean accent.

Calico Jack’s offers the following personalized services and amenities.

Comfortable, accommodations including units with kitchenettes, for
individuals, couples and families.

Restaurant services in our pool side restaurant Crossroads and in our
Café Lapa and One-Eyed Jack’s Jungle Café.

Onsite Pool—an integral part of the visit after adventurous explorations
and tours

Experts in the flora and fauna of the rainforest

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily with selections from our menu which
specializes in local and vegetarian cuisine.

Expert caving, zip lining, rappelling, and hiking guides

Instruction in Meditation, Yoga and Face Yoga.

Transfer service, round trip between the resort and Philip Goldson
International Airport

Belizean and Vegetarian cuisine featuring
fresh super fruits and roots, vegetables and
eggs farmed onsite

Consummate personalized service by caretakers whose only mission is to ensure
your comfort, safety and pleasure​
Leisurely dining with meals prepared to order according to your preferences​
Individualized in-country tour and travel arrangements by resort caretaker
Internet service, including wireless service
Onsite jungle tours, including: guided zip lining, rappelling, cable walk, caving,
jungle swing, birding and hiking
Onsite relax and renew activities: Yoga, Mediation, EFT, and FaceYoga
Offsite tours: Free planning and travel arrangements for offsite tours including
Barton Creek Cave, cave tubing, and Mayan temples
Environmentally friendly building construction and resource management​