Calico Jack’s Renew and Retune Experiences

The energy of the rain forest provides a natural environment for rejuvenating mind, body and spirits. The experiences below offer you opportunities to renew and retune led by a certified instructor. The complete experience is about 20-30 minutes and includes the activity, a hike on the medicine trail and a light snack on return. Prices are per person and include taxes.

Yoga Practices*: The word Yog derives from word Yuj which means oneness, or to harness one’s self. Harness your energy by participating in this 30-minute experience of private or group instruction in several Yog practices. Price: US$ 40.00.

Rejuvenating Deep Breathing Practices*: These private or group sessions infuse the body oxygen, calm and rejuvenate the nervous system
and reduce stress and anxiety. US$30.00

EFT Tapping*: Tapping is an extremely successful self-help practice for reducing stress and healing. It works by calming the amygdala
the section of the brain called the “emotional center”. These sessions focus on reducing stress, building your relationship with your partner or with
your finances. US$35.00

FaceYoga*: This guided session teaches you facial poses for your eyes, checks, mouth and forehead that will help improve your appearance
and build your overall sense of well-being. US$40.00.

Meditation Instruction*: Learn to meditate and reduce stress, feel better physically and mentally and meet challenges calmly, in this 1.5
hour session. US$150.00

*Each experience includes the activity described, a hike on the medicine trail and a light snack on return.